Non NHS Private Fees

Private (non-NHS) Services

Some of the services we provide are not part of the National Health Service. These services are not available under the NHS and we charge fees in accordance with BMA recommendations.

The following is a sample list of the various services available.

Medical Examination

  • Insurance medicals
  • Pre-Employment Medicals
  • HGV, PSV
  • Elderly Drivers
  • Sport Medicals


  • BUPA/PPP forms etc
  • Sickness/Accident benefit claim
  • Employers report and opinion


  • Private Sick Line
  • Passport Forms
  • Vaccination Certificate
  • Holiday Cancellation Forms
  • Fitness to Travel

We do not offer the following services

  • Passport counter signature
  • Power of attorney assessments
  • Witnessing of wills
  • Capacity assessments

Medical examination appointments are arranged by the Receptionist after consultation with the appropriate Doctor.  It is important to indicate the type of medical you require so that the required amount of time is allocated to the appointment. The insurance company concerned generally pays fees for insurance medicals but other services listed are normally paid directly by the patient.

Costs for these services are available from Reception.

Mental Capacity Assessments

GPs are often asked to make Mental Capacity Assessments for patients. These assessments can be requested for a variety of different reasons. As GPs it is an essential part of our role that we are able to perform capacity assessments which relate to decisions regarding medical investigations, treatment and care. However capacity assessments relating to overall welfare, finances and property are often more complex and sit outside our expertise.

The level of risk and responsibility linked to capacity assessments can be extremely high. Decisions such as whether someone’s house is sold or how their life savings are spent can depend on capacity assessments. It is therefore essential that adequate time and attention is dedicated to these assessments. It is also essential that those carrying out these assessments for legal purposes are highly trained and experienced in this area.

Legal capacity assessments do not fall within the NHS duties of GPs. Some GPs do agree to perform these assessments privately at a fee, but many others feel the risks of doing so are too high or that the time needed to perform an adequate assessment is not available to them. There are other professionals who can perform mental capacity assessments including solicitors and psychiatrist.

As a surgery we do not feel we have the capacity to offer Mental Capacity Assessments for legal purposes for our patients. To do so would require significant resources being diverted from our core duties as a health care provider.  It would also pose a significant legal and financial risk to our GPs. We feel there are other professionals available with more appropriate training, legal protection and expertise who can perform these assessments.

We realise that this practice policy may cause some inconvenience to our patients but hope you can understand that our priority must be to our core NHS duties as a health care provider.