Sage House - Tangmere

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Sage house is an independent dementia support local charity. They are not affiliated with larger, national charities and their aim is to provide direct support to local people. They operate in Tangmere.


What is Sage House?

Sage House is a dementia hub in Tangmere where they offer a range of services under one roof. This includes:

  • Wayfinding advice and emotional support –helping people navigate the dementia journey 
  • Support groups for people facing similar challenges such as early on-set 
  • Wellbeing activities - providing cognitive stimulation, happiness and reducing isolation 
  • Day Breaks respite care - for carers to take a break
  • Personal care - assisted bathing, chiropody, massage and dementia friendly hairdressing
  • Smart Zone - assistive technology showcase
  • Community café - open to all 
  • Community outreach - providing activities and advice in local community venues.

What is “Wayfinding” or “Wayfinders”?

Wayfinding is Sage House’s free of charge advice and emotional support service; available on the phone, face to face at Sage House, or at the Community Outreach sessions. Each person who contacts the service is assigned a Wayfinder and same Wayfinder supports them throughout, becoming a “professional friend”. The service is open to all including    family members and carers. 


What does it cost to attend Sage House?

It costs nothing to go to Sage House. The Wayfinding advice, wellbeing activities and community outreach are all free of charge. There is a means tested charge applied for the day breaks respite care and a small charge for personal care services (this is subsidise as much as possible).


How is Sage House funded?

They aim to raise £1m each year through their fundraising including appeals, community events, charitable grants and partnerships with local companies. They receive less than 4% of their annual income from statutory sources. 


Do people need a referral or diagnosis to attend?

No! Their services are open to anyone with a concern about dementia or memory loss, whether they are diagnosed, pre-diagnosis, or if they choose not to get diagnosed. GPs are encouraged and other medical professionals to “refer” patients to Sage House to help them find locally available support.


Where can you find out more?

Information sourced from Sage House. Visit the Dementia Support website, call on 01243 888691 or email