Test Results

Your GP will NOT routinely contact you with the result of your blood test if it is normal.

We encourage our patients to contact the surgery after 10 days of having a test to check the result.  Please phone 01243 782266 after 2pm.

This allows time for the mail for that day to be opened and checked by your doctor and also helps to avoid the telephone lines becoming blocked at peak times in early morning. The reception staff should also have more time to deal with your request at this time. Most blood, urine and swab results are back at the surgery within 3-4 days although more specialised tests can take longer. The results of most other GP requested tests e.g. X-rays/scans can take an average of 10 days to arrive back at the surgery.

Please note: if the test was requested by a consultant in hospital it will probably take 3-4 weeks before your GP is notified. We experience similar lengthy delays for clinic and hospital discharge letters. If you wish to know the results of these particular tests we would encourage you to contact your consultants secretary.

Alternatively, you can check your online account for your blood results if you are registered for online services with the practice.